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 Carpet Cleaning​​​​​​​​

 Tile,Grout,       Natural stone   Cleaning​​​​​​

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 Upholstery   Cleaning​​​​

Pet Stain/Odor  Treatment​​​​

 VCT Stripping,   buffing,&waxing​​

 24HR Water Damage 
Restoration/ Mold Remediation​​​​

Carpet Cleaning

 ​​​​​​All carpet cleaning companies​​​​​​​​
 are not the same and at BFJ,   we take no shortcuts!
 We use the hot water   extraction method from a   truckmounted unit, which is   the most recommended   method by carpet   manufacturers!   We guarantee our work! If   any of the removed stains   return, we will return to   remove those stains free of   charge! We also take all of   the steps that   are recommended for   effective carpet   cleaning which includes:

 1. Pre inspection

 2. Pre Vaccuming   to   remove loose soil, making   the way for effective pre   treatment.

 3. Pretreatment with safe,   biodegradable cleaning   agent which helps to     suspend deep soils

 4. Agitation to help the   cleaning agent penetrate the   fibers and break up   the soils for a   maximum effective cleaning

 5. Hot water   extraction(steam)
 to remove deep soils and kill   over 99% of the bacteria   residing in your carpet.


Benefits of regular professional carpet cleaning:

 ​​​​1.It kills mold,bacteria and   reduces allergens,allowing you and ​​your family to breathe in a fresh,healthier environment!

​2. It protects your carpet from premature wear and costly restoration and replacement,   which also protects your   wallet!​

​3. Fres​h,clean carpet gives   your home or business the   beauty that it deserves!​​


Upholstery Cleaning

 ​​​​Over time, your sofas,   loveseats, and mattresses   collect dead skin, body   oils, dirt and pet   dander.But why spend   money on new furniture   when you can clean it,   restoring it to its full   potential? The   professionals of BFJ   provides top quality   upholstery cleaning and   protection!​​​​

Pet Stain/Odor treatment​​

 Pets can be like family, but just like humans, they're imperfect. In our pre-inspection, we use  our powerful UV light  to find hidden pet  ​urine.Then we providetopical, or deep pet urine treatment for your carpet and upholstery to remove those ugly stains and pet  odors.​​​​​

Tile and Grout/ Natural Stone Cleaning

 ​​Does the tile, grout, or natural stone on your kitchen floor, bathroom floor, shower,or living area need to be cleaned? If so, BFJ has the skill and professionalism to bring it back to life!​​​​​​

VCT Stripping, Buffing,and Waxing

 Impress your customers     with beautiful, brilliant     VCT floors! For over 15     years we have prided   ourselves on commercial​ stripping, buffing, and   waxing throughout the   Southeast!​​​​

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration/ Mold Remediation

 ​​Bursted Pipes? Flooding? Mold? The longer you wait,the more you put your respiratorial health as well as the health of others that occupy your home or business at risk.​​Water damage to   the structure of your   home or business also increases with time. Dont hesitate to call the professionals at BFJ an IICRC certified company as we're available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to get your home or  business dried out, and treated making it safe and welcoming again!

Why Choose Us?

 Your family, home, and business are among the most valuable possessions that you have here on earth. Dont just trust anyone to come in to perform services.The professionals of BFJ focus on providing top quality service! And we are not only skilled, but are background checked.​​

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